AiYO Solutions provides its customers with innovative managed services and technology offerings that allow financial institutions to fulfil their various needs in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

AiYO Solutions and its partners respond to these challenges, using agile information systems validated by experts to guarantee their successful rollout (analysis, delivery, monitoring).


Managed services is a service defined as the result of an integration of a set of basic services, aiming to entrust to a provider all or part of a customer's activities, within the framework of a multiannual contract, with a flat-rate basis, with a service level and a defined duration. In other words, it is the outsourcing of all or part of the management and operation of operations to a third party provider.

Cost reductions are at the heart of the stakes of financial institutions that are increasingly using offshoring: remoteness, language barrier, cultural differences, team training, adequate distribution of activity between teams onshore and offshore, maintaining expertise in the duration, relevance and effectiveness of control devices, the obstacles encountered during an offshoring project are numerous. Its success is based on a real framework, in all phases of the project.

Bespoke solutions:

Alternative solutions can also be considered to best meet the constraints of different trades:
Managed services offerings:

  • Onshore→ Complete or partial outsourcing activities carried out in the offices close to the client.
  • Near onshore → Partial or full transfer of activities to the region (Bordeaux-Nantes)
  • Near offshore → Complete or partial transfer of activities to offices in Morocco (Casablanca)

This offer is part of a philosophy based on a new way of doing managed services through a robust process evaluation system, with expert resources capable of accompanying business transfers with a large Security and finally, a strong technological component through first-plan partnerships such as those set up with IBM, Oracle, customer Metrix.

Regulatory reporting by AiYO
Reference data management by AiYO
Post-brexit transition
Withholding tax reclaim services by AiYO
Managed services buy side by AiYO

Functional areas

  • Transactional: MIFID 2, EMIR, DFA, MMSR, SMMD
  • Reporting: Harmonized Reporting Format (HRF)
  • Tax: 871m, FATCA, FFTT, IFTT
  • Control over the separation of banking activities: VOLCKER, French banking law

Main tasks :

  • Monitoring, dashboard, key performance indicators
  • Management of rejections and alerts following regulatory controls
  • Data quality management
  • Investigation, coordination with upstream and downstream teams
  • Review of eligibility rules, identification of under and over-reporting, correction of errors in declarations
  • Documentation review, governance

But also

  •  Regulatory hotline
  • Compliance Manager expertise
  • Project management skills, project manager
  • Technology partners, Specialists in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data


Functional areas

  • Listed products and OTC: static description and control
  • Third party data
  • Modeling of corporate actions
  • Market parameters, price controls

But also

  • Studies to reduce costs associated with data feed
  • Consulting, creation of a Datalake
  • Resolving issues related to data archiving
  • Study using innovative solutions (IA, machine learning) to identify inconsistent data
  • Pooling and upgrading data quality using blockchain technology


AiYO is committed to offer you a post-Brexit solution to transfer activities to France while optimizing operational costs.


Analysis of your current organization in the United Kingdom and identification of outsourcing solutions for your target model in France

Managed Services
Your operations are processed by the AiYO Managed Services teams located in Nantes or Bordeaux, which allows you to reduce the operating costs by 10 to 20% compared to Paris.

Current EU delegation rules require asset managers to maintain an "appropriate substantial presence" in an EU Member State to ensure that they have sufficient staff to monitor and control the operations and risks they may face - Financial Times, 10 December 2017.


As an international investor, you own stocks and / or bonds issued by foreign entities. Therefore, you receive dividends (stocks) and interest (bonds). These revenues are subject to taxes levied abroad called "source deductions (RAS)".

SAR rates can exceed 30% in some countries. However, it is possible to reduce the amount of these levies in application of international tax conventions which aim to avoid the phenomena of double taxation (taxation by the State of residence of the entity which distributes dividends / interest + taxation by the Investor's state of residence) to encourage international investment. However, the application of the rates guaranteed by international conventions (reduced rates) is not automatic. To benefit from it, investors must prove that their tax residence is located in a State signatory to such an agreement.

Some countries like France allow an application of the reduced rate of RAS upon payment of income if the investor has demonstrated his tax residence beforehand (= Relief At Source). Other states such as Germany consistently apply the default RAS rate, which forces investors to make an ex post claim in order to take advantage of the reduced rate.

Rebate example

A shareholder resident in France receives a gross dividend of CHF 10,000 as a result of his investment in a Swiss company.
The Swiss government, which does not allow "Relief At Source", levies 35% on this payment, or 3,500 CHF.
The tax convention signed between France and Switzerland authorizes the State of residence of the company which pays the dividends to apply a rate of withholding tax maximum of 15%.
Shareholders whose tax residence is in France can therefore claim a reimbursement of 20% (35% -15%) of the gross dividend received from the Swiss tax authorities, i.e. CHF 2,000.

What we offer

We suggest that you analyze the dividend and interest payments that you have received on your portfolio of international securities in order to verify that you benefit from a consistent application of the RAS rates guaranteed by international conventions.
Our services are remunerated according to the “success fees” model. We take a percentage of refunds received without advance from you. So you can only be a winner!


Thanks to the expertise of our employees, strong partnerships in various fields, our locations, monitoring and implementation of governance, AiYO offers an innovative solution of managed services.

Step 1 - Analysis
Identification of eligible processes

Step 2 - Local Outsourcing
Production management in our Paris Offices, close to client teams

Step 3 - Nearshore Outsourcing
Production management within our offices in Bordeaux, Nantes or Casablanca

Step 4 - Multi-client
Process mutualisation/efficiency gains

Step 5 - Shared service provider
Streamlining, creation of unique platform

On-site production
Robotics process automation
Data science
Change management
Organizational analysis

Solution 1
Partial transfer of activities to Bordeaux or Nantes
-10% compared with baseline

Solution 2
Full transfer of activities to Bordeaux or Nantes
-20% compared with baseline

Solution 3
Full transfer of activities to Casablanca
-30% compared with baseline

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