AiYO brings you pragmatic solutions in response to the evolving regulatory environment, to align your programs with the regulatory agenda, and to enhance the daily management on previous versions of regulations. As a lot of regulation deadlines are hitting the agenda at the same time and the potential penalty, how should the financial institutions manage the regulatory risk?

Based on our exchanges with our clients, AiYO offers 3 solutions:

Continue with all necessary efforts to ensure the conformity with the existing and coming regulation

From a regulatory point of view, an implementation time isn’t acceptable and can result in penalties

Remedy to the deficiencies identified by the regulator and follow carefully the observed evolutions and clarifications issued.

On one side, the regulators are very concerned about the accuracy of the compliance exercise with regulatory requirements. On the other hand, in case of financial sanctions, the remediations become mandatory, which implies that no saving can be done by taking the risk of non-conformity.

Build an operational model including a control plan that can support the increase by a factor of 10 in the volume of data to analyze.

Control deficiencies can result in sanctions. In this way, a bank was sanctioned for almost one billion because of deficiencies on that subject.

For a business undergoing transformation, the value lies in execution. The combination of Aiyo's offers maximizes your chances of success in achieving your objectives by capitalizing on the complementary nature of these offers.

Managed services
Process review


We anticipate with and for you:

  • Upstream, framing of major programmes
  • During execution, project audit
  • Regulatory watch, participation in on-site meetings
  • Blueprint
  • Downstream of projects: optimising the management of a regulatory constraint in terms of compliance

We manage for you:

  • Database quality, in particular third-party repositories, or value repositories
  • Customer contact campaign
    Supervision of the quality of one or more regulatory process (s)
  • Provision of operational teams in punctual reinforcement
  • Opportunity studies provided by external service providers
    Integration of specialized platforms
  • Choice of shared tool with a view to multi-client managed services
  • Analysis of regulatory texts
  • Support to the client in setting his working hypotheses
  • Support for program directors
  • Alignment of systems
  • Reinforcement of Immediate Production (RPI)
  • Design of target processes
  • Optimization of existing processes

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